Leading teams in the new Now

Create the conditions for high performance collaboration for teams shifting between remote and onsite work.

Increasing the amount of remote work leads to a new set of challenges for teams: We miss the closeness of our social connections, the creativity of face to face brainstormings and the openness in virtual meetings.
Learn to overcome the challenges of increased remote collaboration. Learn to create trust, closeness and openness in virtual environments and experience a whole new level of efficiency and performance in your team!

About this course

Increasing the proportion of remote work can seriously impact the most important ingredient of any team: It’s psychological safety. By intentionally creating an environment of trust, closeness and humanity, you will not only boost the productivity and creativity of your remote team, but also learn a lot about leadership in general.

Who this course is designed for

You should attend this course if you are leading a team or are part of a team that wants to increase it’s proportion of remote work and...

Course design

This course is designed as a 5 week remote learning experience.
We estimate an average investment of 6 hours per week for this course.

We will provide you with weekly inputs to study on your own behalf.

In our weekly online sessions we will explore tools and methods that allow you to transfer those inputs back to your daily life.

Weekly training sessions will equip you with the confidence to apply your learnings in your own team.

Expect some additional individual work for preparation of workshops and meetings.

Learning outcomes

In this course you will learn the basics to make remote work work for everyone in your team. Here are some takeaways that we believe you and your team will benefit from:

  • You will be able to choose from and apply a wide range of digital tools and methods to support your meeting and workshop designs
  • You will learn to create a space of deep trust among the members of your teams
  • You know how to establish a culture in your team that invites everyone to speak up and express their needs and emotions freely
  • You learn how to establish a culture of feedback, appreciation and open exchange over different virtual channels
  • You learn how to unlock the full potential and creativity of your remote team
  • You understand the importance of social exchanges for teams and learn to create them with your team

Our goal

We at Tjikko strive to create sustainable change with teams – change designed around the needs of people. In this course you will not only gain knowledge, but also the expertise and confidence to apply your learnings into your daily life.

Dates & Fee

7 September – 9 October 2020

Course fee: CHF 1’400 (excl. VAT)

Course language will be English.
This course will be held with a minimum of 12 people.

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