3 day learning experience

Discover the craft of Facilitation & Process Design

Unlock the full potential of your team: Learn how to design inspiring workshops and create an environment that fosters inclusion, innovation and creativity.

Did you ever wonder how to turn boring meetings into inspiring and joyful collaborative sessions? Or how to design workshops that people love to attend?
How about strengthening the connection between team-members? Or how to turn your work-group into an engaged team that sparks with creativity?

Course Summary

In this 3 day learning experience, you will dig into a rich set of facilitation principles, tools and interventions. Together we will deepen our collective understanding of group processes and social human needs.
You will learn how to build trust and connections in a short time. To design and deliver inspiring, collaborative sessions that people love to attend and engage. To work with emotions and challenging behaviours in a group.

Why Facilitation & Process Design?

We at Tjikko believe in the power of teams to solve the biggest (and smallest) challenges of our time. In a future that relies on collaboration and strong connections between human beings, facilitation and process design are key competences for leaders and team-members. That’s why we consider facilitation to be an invaluable resource for any modern work environment.

Who should attend this course

If your daily business is a people business, this course is right for you!
It is designed to help address some of the daily challenges of team leaders, product owners, project managers, change agents, innovators and ideators.
It’s perfect for you if:

  • you would like to learn new ways of engaging people in collaborative processes for more effective and fun meetings and workshops.
  • you are looking for new methods to guide groups through a goal-oriented ideation or decision-making process.
  • you wish to expand your facilitation skills or deepen your facilitation experience by exploring existing and new methods in a safe environment.
  • or you have some experience in leading teams as a project or team leader and strive for a better understanding of group processes and social human needs.

What you will learn


  • Basic understanding of Facilitation & Process design
  • Facilitation & Process design principles
  • Social human needs & Group dynamics
  • Team Development
  • Conflict resolution


  • Create a safe environment with your peers that supports learning and experimentation.
  • Apply state-of-the-art learning designs to your collaborative processes.
  • Design and develop your own collaborative process and lead a team through a solution-oriented ideation session.
  • Draft meeting layouts that support your team in their group development and their social human needs.


  • Gain trust in your skills to design and facilitate meetings & workshops.
  • Experience a wide range of facilitation styles and sharpen your own understanding and style.
  • Reflect on past experiences and apply your learnings to future designs and interventions.
  • Create your own facilitation ‘intention’ to transfer your learnings into your daily life.

The benefits you will take out

  • Deliver efficient, solution-oriented and fun meetings and workshops.
  • Create trust among a team in order to establish its full potential.
  • Create ownership and responsibility among team members.
  • Understand how to manage complex projects efficiently as a team while having fun.
  • Gain experience with a wide variety of tools and methods to use in your daily life.
  • Become part of a community of like-minded learners.

How you will learn

This course follows an experience-based learning approach. We will provide a wide range of short inputs and set the guard rails for your learning experience. Then it’s up to the group to explore possibilities, discover new ways of doing things and reflect on their experience. Through this approach, you learn from participants and facilitators alike. You will define your own approach for applying facilitation to your daily business challenges.
As facilitators, we will accompany the group through the whole learning process, providing insights and sharing our own experiences. We will encourage you to leave your comfort zone, try out new ways of working, reflecting deeply on your practice, and giving and receiving feedback.

Who you will learn from

This course is hosted by Claudia Widmann and Christian Stocker.

Claudia is a one of two founders of Tjikko and former COO at the leading Swiss digital agency Hinderling Volkart. She led the cultural transformation of the agency, established new ways of team collaborating and facilitated the co-creation of new agency processes, integrating leaders of every unit and specialists among all disciplines.

Claudia has been transforming team and company cultures for clients and companies in many different industries, leading teams to success from a wide range of starting points.

Christian is one of the two founders of Tjikko and former Head of Consulting & Strategy at the leading Swiss digital agency Hinderling Volkart. In this role, he facilitated interdisciplinary teams towards a common goal in a wide range of different projects ranging from business transformation to website implementation.

Transfering learnings of the agency's cultural transformation into international client-agency teams, he deepend his understanding of different company cultures and the value of diversity in teams.

Location & Course fee

We will be hosting one Facilitation course in 2022, happening in Zurich or nearby (Location details to be announced).

Zurich: 26. – 28. October 2022

Course fee: CHF 2'300 (excl. VAT)

Course language will be German. The course fee includes all materials, lunches and snacks during the day. A course day will typically start around 8:30am and finish around 6pm.

All courses will be held with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 people.

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Discover the craft of Facilitation & Process Design

Unlock the full potential of your team: Learn how to design inspiring workshops and create an environment that fosters inclusion, innovation and creativity.

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