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It's time we focus our attention on people.

We create sustainable change for people and teams working on digital transformation.

We facilitate existing capabilites towards ultimate collaboration.

We provide orientation and establish learning cultures for teams and organizations.

We are Tjikko. Say  hello.

Leading Teams in the New Now

You or your team decided that you want to continue working from home? And now you are curious what it takes to set up your collaboration? What it takes to lead your team and make the New Now work for everyone? Learn more about our new course.

You're running a lot of remote workshops lately and looking for ways to boost your remote facilitation skills to a new level? Let us know, as we are currently developing a course with leading experts in the field that you don't want to miss. And even if you don't want to attend, we'd love to hear about your needs and challenges.

The future of work? High performance remote teams!

Are you looking for ways to make remote collaboration work in the long run? To allow people to tailor the time and place of their work to their individual needs and wishes?

Remote collaboration brings a whole new set of challenges for teams. But if we succeed in creating a virtual environment where everyone can unfold their full potential, remote collaboration becomes more than just a temporary solution.

Boost your team through stage 1 of group dev

Understand what you can do to boost your team into stage 2 of group development in our collection of tipps and topics for teams that are quite new to the field of remote working.

>>Read on (in german)

Back to the Future of Collaboration

Learn about the 5 stages of group development and how working remotely reset the clock for most teams we encountered over the last couple of weeks.

>> Read on (in german)


We shape meaningful collaboration among teams and establish company cultures that enable team spirit and encourage learning.

We set teams stuck in a change process back into motion. We help people understand the big picture and see their meaningful contribution towards a common vision. We support companies in developing a vision and shape a path to succeed in their digital transformation efforts.

How we do this? By designing ways of working and collaborating, processes and organizational models together with our clients, based on their values and their history and customized to their needs. Want to know more? Drop us a line.

Upcoming courses

September 2020 / Remote

Leading Teams in the New Now

Create the conditions for high performance collaboration for teams shifting between remote and onsite work.

Learn more

October 2020 / Onsite in Zurich

Discover the craft of process design & facilitation

Trigger the full potential of your collaborators by designing inspiring workshop sessions and leading individuals through collaborative meetings.

Learn more

November 2020 / Remote

Remote Facilitaton

Learn what it takes to plan, design and deliver remote meetings and workshops that are efficient and fun and invite everyone to speak up.

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Our mission

We believe in ultimate collaboration for solving today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, we focus our attention in digital transformation on people and their capability to work in teams.

We connect and guide the power of humans to create positive change in collaborative settings. We design individual learning experiences and support teams on their journey towards a meaningful collaboration. And we establish a culture of life-long learning in organizations.

Who we are

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