Future-proof your organization.

Discover the power of self-effective people, autonomous teams and learning organizations.

We change mindsets, strengthen trust, create a sense of belonging and co-create structures for future-fit workplaces.

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Our Offering

We unlock the full potential of your team to change the way you collaborate.

We support organizations to transform and grow. We enable self-organized teams and new work environments. We create ultimate collaboration.

Hybrid working

Discover the secrets to ultimate remote collaboration.

High-performance teams

Experience new levels of trust, ownership, efficiency and joy.

Purpose-driven Work

Understand what creates meaning for you and your team.

New Work

Find the sweet spot between high ownership and self-organised teams.

Our mission

We believe in ultimate collaboration to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. That’s why we focus our attention on the human side of work: By transforming the way we relate to each other, we enable groups to grow into high-performing and self-organized teams.

We aim for real and sustainable change by evolving beliefs and changing behaviours. We design customized learning experiences that support teams on their collaborativ journey. We unlock the full potential of your team and coach your leaders to do the same.

Upcoming courses

October 2022 / Zurich

Discover the craft of Facilitation & Process Design

Unlock the full potential of your team: Learn how to design inspiring workshops and create an environment that fosters inclusion, innovation and creativity.

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Who we are

Tjikko. Two coaches, facilitators and strategists with 30 years of combined experience in management consulting with a focus on digital transformation, technology and marketing. Today, we use scientific insights from the likes of Harvard and Stanford to develop custom learning experiences that result in sustainable change for our clients.

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Our clients

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